Why Everyone Should Listen to Rock and Pop-Punk Music

It’s evident that not everyone is as passionate about this genre (or technically, two genres — rock and pop-punk) as I am, and that’s okay. But I’d like to point out the many reasons why this style of music is so important to me — and should be to you, too.

The band members play instruments.

In a world of EDM and pop, which are both great in their own ways, it’s refreshing to hear a group of musicians writing and playing their own songs, with each member getting credit for their talent rather than just the singer. To me, music is the entire package — the vocals, the drums, the base, the guitar, etc. I’m a sucker for that basement band sound, the raw talent and emotion behind each hit.

I may not strike you as the kinda girl who blasts angry Blink songs (like Shut Up) while getting ready for a nice dinner date, but I totally am; and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The music gets me pumped and excited for just about anything.

The musicians in this genre have no shame.

Seriously, they don’t give a shit (and they shouldn’t!) They focus on their music and their fans — that’s all. The bands run out on stage wearing T-shirts and jeans, or whatever the hell they want; and the crowd follows suit. Personally, I could care less if you’re a pretty boy in your twenties with perfect teeth or a fifty-year-old with a dad-bod and scruffy face — if you make good music, I’m gonna listen to and support you.

When their voice cracks, it adds to the emotion of the song. When they wanna scream or dance with no sense of rhythm, they don’t think twice. They are real performers, and they don’t try to be like anyone else.

The lyrics will break your heart, and then be there to pick up the pieces.

I am all about lyrics. If I didn’t have severe stage fright and a timid voice, I’d be the lead singer and lyricist of my own rock band. Instead, I’m just a journalist writing reviews on music I wish I could be a bigger part of — but I’ll take what I can get.

Many songs in this genre have lyrics that are poetic and even comforting in a sense. I’ve made it through my darkest times in life, dealing with my OCD, breakups, losses and other hardships, by listening to this type of music. I live for songs like The Devil in My Bloodstream by The Wonder Years, Navy Blue by The Story So Far, Late Nights In My Car by Real Friends, Untitled by Knuckle Puck and Shipboard Cook by Third Eye Blind. Okay, I can go on for hours…but I’ll let you start there.

The performances are ones you will never forget.

…unless some mosher decides to accidentally whack you in the face and you black out. Kidding (kinda.) I’ve only been to a handful so far, seeing as I just recently started listening to this style of music (outside of Blink, who I grew up with of course), but I’ve already seen Blink, Panic!, Safety Suit, The Wonder Years, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Third Eye Blind and a couple of others. I am so hooked that I just bought tickets to Simple Plan, Mayday Parade, Real Friends and Knuckle Puck (way more to come, obviously!)

Let me tell you, I was blown away at how emotional each concert was. Now it’s not hard to bring me to tears, but I had chills for days after each, captivated by the music and the energy in general. Music to me is about channeling your pain and experiences through art in order to share them with others, helping them through similar issues. The entire community, despite the stereotype of being angry f*ck-ups, is kind and accepting. When I’m at a show, I feel at home, singing along to lyrics that have essentially saved me in so many ways.

This quote by Dan Campbell (or “Soupy”) from The Wonder Years summarizes my exact thoughts and feelings on this topic:

“There’s a reason we all listen to punk rock instead of top 40. There’s a reason I’d rather be stage diving than at a bar. I think that most everyone I know involved in punk or hardcore is intrinsically fucked up on some level. There is something wrong with us. Maybe not ‘wrong,’ but certainly different. Because of this, I think we all share a similar outlook and because of that, we share similar experiences. I’m just writing songs about my life, but as it turns out, my life is pretty similar to a lot of other people’s lives and honestly, it feels good to know we’re going through this shit together.”

If that doesn’t inspire you to give this genre a shot, I don’t know what will…*drops mic*

(Image from Pexels.com)