Keep Rockin’, Pop-Punks

Well, guys…looks like this is the end of my show. Will I come back for my encore someday? It’s very possibly. But for now, I need to focus on my other passions.

I started this blog for my online journalism class in hopes to reach many other outcast pop-punks and rockers like me. While I wish I had the time and resources (and guts, for that matter) to have created better quality content, I’m happy with this blog and the posts I’ve written/made. I learned a lot in this course, from recording and editing video interviews to building up enough courage to ask someone for an interview. It’s not easy being a reporter on a deadline, but I must say that I love the job and the people I’ve met along the way.

I hope to create more content from time to time when I’m not too busy with work (just graduated and am starting full-time as a business journalist in New York soon — ah!!) But for now, I may take awhile adjusting. I’d like to cover some summer concerts, like the Blinkin Park one that I am DYING TO GO TO! So please — stay tuned…

…and keep rockin’.


Author: samanthacaramela

I am a writer. I have been since I can remember, creating stories on summer days as a child, reporting for my high school newspaper, singing poetry in my room at night. My life consists of scattered chapters and rash quotes. I struggle with OCD and severe anxiety, making me into an empath--someone who feels another's pain, cries another's tears. All I wish to do is help others, specifically through my passion and love for writing.

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